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 Dear WebMaster or Web Page owner,


Get PAID to bring TARGETED traffic to your website!
Finally, webmasters and web page owners can get targeted traffic and make money from a fair, effective and profitable banner-exchange!

The FAIR-X banner-exchange will promote your website to an UNLIMITED*  number of "opportunity seekers", "web marketeers" and "netrepreneurs", and make you real money along the way!

You can promote ANY** business to these people on more than 120,000 member websites! Imagine how this can bring new, fresh "leads" to your website and BOOST your earnings!

The most established marketing method!
If you're serious about making money online, you propably allready know how a banner-exchange works. Simply by joining, you get powerful promotion of your business or affiliate programmes on 10,000's of websites. The right banner-exchange is capable of exposing your banner to MILLIONS of new, targeted leads every day!

Banner-exchanges have in fact been around since the very beginning of the World Wide Web, and is responsible for 100's of BILLIONS of visitors to the websites participating in them!

The only reason that the banner exchanges have survived the various hypes, up's and down's and the different "trendy" marketing waves hitting the web is simple: Banner-exchanges WORK!

Over the past few years, web page owners just like you have made 1,000's and 1,000's of Dollars EVERY WEEK or even EVERY DAY from the traffic flowing to their websites! For many webmasters, the banner-exchanges have played a significant role in bringing in new profitable customers!


WARNING: Most banner exchanges RIP YOU OFF!
Even if the regular banner-exchanges have helped numerous webmasters getting traffic and make money, they've also RIPPED THEM OFF along the way!

You see, most banner-exchanges operate with a 2:1 (two to one) exchange. In other words, they'll only show your banner ONCE on another member website for every TWO banners displayed on your webpages!

This is a dirty little trick, and until now, selling the excessive banner impressions have made the owners of the banner exchanges an awsome ammount of money!


Why is the FAIR-X banner-exchange so much better?:
First off all, we give you a FAIR exchange of banner impressions! For every banner displayed on your website, we display your banner on one of the websites of our 120,000+ members! This is known as a 1:1 (one to one) exhange, and is the only way to operate if you want to use the word "exchange" in it's true meaning. 1:1! One to one. No "stealing" of banner impressions!

Second, we PAY YOU MONEY every time you get a new member referred to our banner-exchange! You may have noticed the "strips" other banner exchanges have under their banner rotators? As a FAIR-X member, when someone joins this banner exchange after clicking the "strip" on your website, YOU get PAID! Even if you have just a minimum of traffic at your website today, you'll find that this WILL MAKE YOU GOOD CASH!

As I told you earlier, the entire point with the FAIR-X banner exchange is to bring you website traffic AND making you money at the same time. No other banner exchange is designed to do this!


Get 100% targeted website traffic!
Most people understand that it's no use advertising a website about pets to a bunch of people interested in sportscars! It's the same when it comes to bizopps, affiliate programs and online MLM's... you'll need a TARGETED audience for your promtions to make any money at all!

Now, nearly ALL the visitors to the member websites of the FAIR-X banner-exchange are online with one thing in mind: Making Money from their web based businesses!

The visitors to the FAIR-X member websites are:

  • Webmasters
  • Small Business Owners
  • Homeworkers
  • Opportunity Seekers
  • MLM'ers (Multi Level Marketing)
  • Affiliate Program Marketeers

Now, what's so special about these people? Well, they all have some things in common, that makes the FAIR-X banner-exchange your very best tool for building your future wealth:

  • They are used to buying online
  • They WANT to make money (perfect for affiliate signups)
  • They (most often) have their own websites
  • They're constantly looking for good products to help building their business
  • They WANT to click your banner to see what you can offer them!

In other words, FAIR-X is the VERY BEST banner-exchange available for promoting web based businesses of ANY kind!

There's MORE!
Now, this sounds impressive, but there's still a couple of things that makes the FAIR-X banner-exchange BETTER and MORE PROFITABLE than ANY "similar" banner-exchange out there:

  • We've allready got more than 120,000 member websites! By joining today, you'll instantly get your banner into rotation to be displayed on websites all accross our entire network!
  • You'll get a 50% CASH COMISSION every time someone you send our way signs up! We believe in CASH REWARDS since, after all, nothing is better than making money from your website, right?
  • You can make cash by reffering people to this banner exchange in multiple ways:
    - People can get here by clicking the "strip" under the banner rotator on your webpages.
    - You can use a "refferer url" making a textlink anywhere on your website.
    - You can also advertise your "refferer URL" on FFA pages, in your newsletters or anywhere you want!
    (We'll provide you with both an unique "refferer URL" and sample ads for use in newsletters or for online advertising.)

  • You can change the banner you insert in this exchange as often as you like. You can insert a banner/URL for any* website you want to promote, also for affiliate programs/self replicating webpages where you have no option to implement our banner rotator! We DO NOT CARE where you want your traffic directed: Back to the actual pages you have our banner rotator on, or somewhere else! What matters is this: You'll get the EXACT number of banner impressions on our 120,000+ member websites as the ones you can generate from your own webpage. A one to one FAIR exchange!
  • The FAIR-X banner-exchange can be applied to webpages that also have banner rotators from other banner-exchanges. You can place our banner-rotator anywhere you want! At the top, in the middle or at the bottom of your webpages. On as many or as few webpages you want! You decide! (Note: You can have our rotator as many as three times on every page you have! Our experience show that placing the banner-rotator near- or at the top of your webpages will make you the most money...)

  • Our AffiliateProgram is ran through ClickBank, one of the biggest and most reliable 3rd party CreditCard processor and affiliate managing companies online! The FAIR-X banner-exchange membership sells like "hot cakes", and can easily provide you some nice "extra hundreds" per month!

Unique and profitable benefits!
No other banner-exchanges works this way! No matter what they say, they make a living from selling advertising on YOUR website, giving you back only FRACTIONS of the banner impressions you give them! We're different. We give you back ALL the banner impressions generated on your webpages PLUS you get a 50% CASH BONUS for every new member you sign up to our banner-exchange!

  • You get a FAIR 1:1 (one to one) exhange of banner impressions!
  • You get multiple ways to send people to this website!
  • You get a 50% CASH commission for every new member you reffer!
  • You can display our banner-rotators on as many of your webpages you want!
  • You can change your banner and URL in our rotation as often as you like!
  • You can promote ANY website (affiliate programs etc) you want!*
  • You get full realtime statistics on earnings and impressions and your banner's click-through ratio!


Take Action NOW - Start getting targeted traffic and cash bonuses Right Away!
By joining the FAIR-X banner-exchange NOW you'll get your banner into rotation on 60,000+ websites within a few minutes. Your banner can actually be seen by an UNLIMITED* number of webmasters, opportunity seekers and other hot prospects INTERESTED in buying from YOUR website!

Allready member of other banner-exchanges? Fine! Excellent! No Problem! Join the FAIR-X banner-exchange too, get more targeted traffic to your website, and make more money!

The FAIR-X banner-exchange is the FIRST banner-exchange to target the "biz-opp; moneymaker; and small business/home business website" market. The people we target are "online buyers"! No wonder new members sign up at an amazing rate! This is TRUELY a marketing tool ALL people doing ANY kind of online business can profit from! By getting in NOW, you'll get MORE value for your money! Sign Up NOW to take advantage of our exclusive LIMITED TIME offer below!

Best Regards
Fair-X BannerExchange
Tommy Kellermann


PS!  All FAIR-X banner-exchange memberships come with a full 180 day money back guarantee! If you can find ANY banner-exchange out there that is more EFFICIENT or PROFITABLE than the FAIR-X banner-exchange, or, if you simply don't want to continue your membership with us, we'll refund your membership fee and cancel your purchase. - No questions asked!  

Membership options:

  • FAIR-X QUARTER (3 months) membership - $39
  • FAIR-X HALF YEAR (6 months) membership - $59
  • FAIR-X ONE YEAR (12 months) membership - $99 

Limited Time Offer: 
The FAIR-X is simply the most profitable banner-exchange available! Our initial goal is to grab at least 15% of the banner-exchange market in the "biz-opp; moneymaker; and small business/home business website" segment within a very short time!

To achieve our initial goal, we've decided to sell the FAIR-X ONE YEAR memberships at a very affordable price for a limited period of time! The FAIR-X ONE YEAR membership will rotate YOUR banner on 10,000's or maybe even 100,000's of member websites each and every day for one full year, bringing in loads of fresh, targeted and profitable visitors eager to BUY from you!

  • Regular price, FAIR-X ONE YEAR (12 months) membership $99 
  • Limited Time Offer, FAIR-X ONE YEAR (12 months) membership $39only

    Note - There is only a limited number of FAIR-X ONE YEAR memberships sold at this highly affordable price. Act NOW to take advantage of this offer, because new members sign up faster than anyone ever expected - and we're pretty close to achieve our initial goal of 15% market share! Tomorrow may be to late to get in at this extremely low price

    Click Here to take advantage of this incredibly profitable offer NOW!
*) We do NOT allow promotion of ANY illegal, adult or porn realted websites to our members!
**) Unlimited is actually limited upwards to the ammount of traffic on our member websites at any times. This number may vary!

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